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The Burning House ( para entra é o clicar no nome)  é um site MUITO LEGAL, que se resume a uma pergunta : Se sua casa estivesse pegando fogo, o que você salvaria? Quando eu entrei no site não conseguia para de ir para a next page e next page..... e ADOREI!! E fiquei pensando e eu ? O que eu salvaria ? kkkk

Name: Rosie G.

Age: 18
Location: England
Occupation: Student

My favourite blue coat.
A red hat I wear too often.
Vivienne Westwood handbag gifted by my mother.
Macbook laptop.
Leonard Cohen, book of longing (The only poet to ever make me cry).
A photo of the four of us (at seaworld!) before the divorce.
My green notebook, for thoughts which deserve to be written down.
A little (unreadable in this photo) note from someone special.
iPod Touch.
Gold Tiffany key pendant, from my father for my eighteenth.
Gold ring, handed down via my aunt.
Martine Murray, Cedar B. Hartley (A book from my childhood which had more effect on me than any book has the right to).
Peter Rabbit soft toy, nicknamed Fufu, which I’ve had since birth.
Driver’s license.
Car keys.
Tobacco, perhaps the most essential thing on here.

Name: Luca Cavallaro

Age: 34
Location: New York
Occupation: Designer

Alma Lou, she would even be enough.
If I have time:
Hard drive, for memories that my brain failed to store.
Sunglasses, I feel naked without them.
Wallet, a gift from my wife.
My father’s old camera, I promised him to take good care.
Sneaker, emergency orange.
In the black box, my vintage eyewear collection (favorite only).
Vintage leather mask, in case I have to protect my face from the flames.
Dieter Rams alarm clock, I don’t wake up on my own.
Orange hummer, if i have to brake some windows during the escape.
Life buoy ring, in case of flooding. In Italy we say:” le sfighe non vengono mai da sole”, misfortunes never come alone.

Name: Mats Hage Eikemo

Age: 25
Location: Torino, Italia
Occupation: Student

Tivoli Pal radio
Lubitel medium format camera I got from my girlfriend
Some rolls of 120-film
My wallet
Hard drive with a backup of everything on my computer
Moleskine journals
Pen & pencil
Calendar my girlfriend made
A messenger bag to carry it all

Name: Brett Rogowski

Age: 38
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation: Programmer, Photographer, Runner

Trusty knife
Willow Tree Dad with baby (we had such a hard time conceiving our first child - this gift moved me)
Medals from many, many, many marathons
My favorite Mizuno Racing shoes
Change of clothes for my two girls / pacifier from the hospital. Only one that works
Paper mache cat that my wife and I both had when we met
My guitar (the only item that has survived more than 15 years with me)
Wine from 2008 the day my first daughter was born (Big Sur Marathon)
Gimli my trusty pug
Gimli’s treats
Illegal fireworks
Box of misc flowers given to me from my wife over 11 years ago
Red Pepper
My favorite pen
Memory cards
iPhone and iPad
50mm and 125mm leneses
Canon 40D (not shown)
Dell 2600 - my life is almost completely digital now
Painting from 2005 of a moth in monochromatic.

Name: Emilio Lenzi

Age: 25
Location: Rome, Italy
Occupation: Graphic Designer

• Headphones and iPod Touch
• Moleskine, my interactive agenda (and pen)
• Thriller LP
• Mac Book Pro
• Superga shoes
• Origenes Tobacco
• Casio
• Lomo Fish Eye
• Persol eyeglasses
• Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses
• My bible, Paul Arden - Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite
• Clipper lighter, that looks like me
• Gucci by Gucci
• My favorite denim shirt
• A painting by Sten & Lex

Name: Brody Tors

Age: 6
Location: New Hampshire
Occupation: A kid

Garfeild cup
Lego helicopter
Bumblebee Transformer
yellow belt
(not pictured) Lego Camera used to take photo

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